Update 11


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 11th update was all about anti-cheat measures. These anticheat features included software to detect any third party software that is running with the game. Since the game wouldn’t allow you to use any third party software it was hard for anybody to develop a cheat that is not detected by the game itself. Though this had some downsides as well. Lots of people were using softwares like ReShade to improve their graphic design and get a more colorful playstyle. Dohyung Lee, Head of Service Management and AntiCheat touched on this matter explaining ”Some programs that do not affect gameplay may be blocked temporarily as we hone the new anti-cheat features. We are checking the programs that are being blocked on the test servers and will allow the use of harmless programs as quickly as possible.”

There were other modifications in the games function to prevent people from using cheats. These modifications included account sharing and file changes. If players would delete, manipulate or modify any of the game files that control the game system and mechanics would be blocked from the game. Not giving access to play the game.

Also, account sharing via Family Sharing on Steam has been deactivated as it gave the developers some vulnerabilities that were being exploited.

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