In this article we are here to give you some tips&tricks that you might find useful about the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds shortly known as PUBG. Since the developers themselves try to keep the game as real as possible to a real life experience, the sounds are very realistic and well put throughout the game.

There are no shot indicators shown on your screen in PUBG when you are hit. If you play with headsets on you can literally feel where you are being shot at, making you feel like there is someone actually firing guns behind you in your room. This applies to footsteps in the game. When you are bare-footed, the amount of noise you make when you walk around the map for looting or when you get close to a nearby enemy drops dramatically. Giving yourself a head start in the hide and seek situations that might occur in the early stages of the game.

While there are many other things you can play with the games physics, we will give you a brief 5 tricks that you might find it useful;

When you are around a car and in need of a cover, shoot the tires of the car to lower it. You can also punch the tires if you don’t want to make any noise. If you do this in the right circumstances, your feet will not be visible under the car and enemies will not be able to shoot you. Giving you a perfect tactical spot.

● When the game is down to only 5 or so players, you have no option but to crawl so that your enemies wouln’t spot you. In this scenario your backpack along with your second weapon sticks out the most. Your weapon only sticks out because of your backpack. You don’t need all those kits and pills at the end of the game. Besides if you have a level 3 armor you can carry as many ammo as you want as well.

● You can bait people with some goods such as first aid kits in the earlier stages of the game. Just put it on the floor and start hiding.

● It’s faster to swim underwater than on the surface of the ocean. Just physics.

● You don’t need to use the boost when you are driving the Buggy it can reach maximum speed without it.

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