PUBG Update! Vikendi Changes, Map Markers, and More!


Just like any other PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update, it first hit the test servers for the community to give it a try. The Update 29 now is live on the PUBG Test Servers, mainly focusing on rebalancing changes for the Vikendi and some UI improvements.

Ever since Apex Legends, another battle royale title published by EA came out, it drew attention onto itself with its unique pinging system. This feature is now coming to PUBG but with its own tweak and twists.

Tactical Map Markers

PUBG’s own pinging system, Tactical Map Markers will feature six different markers for different outcomes. All of the markers are color based and have their own symbols. The marker types include Danger, Defend, Attack, Loot, Regroup, and Vehicle.

Just like any other marker in the game, each player will be able to place one Tactical Map Marker at a time. Now you can use these markers by opening the world map and holding the right click button on their mouse to reveal the Tactical Map Market wheel, then move the cursor to what they want to point out. These markers will be displayed on the minimap, world map, and compass just like the existing map markers.

Vikendi Rebalance

After the many feedback the developers were getting, Vikendi has been turned into a long-range map. This means that long-range weapons like snipers and MK47 Mutant availability is now increased. Also, we have seen new 4-wheel vehicles being added to Vikendi other than the snowbikes. As far as the item spawns on Vikendi go the adjustments are listed below.

  • DMR spawns are now increased by 2x.
  • AR spawns increased by 1.4.
  • Pistol and Shotgun spawns have been decreased.
  • Attachment spawns are not increased.
  • Scope spawns have increased slightly.

Item Changes in Vikendi

  • Removed Win98 and R45
  • Added MK47 Mutant, Thumbgrip, Laser Sight, and Halfgrip.

Blue Zone Adjustments

PUBG developers have made some adjustments on the Blue Zone to support a wider variety of experiences around Vikendi. Now, the first safe zone will be placed in more varied locations and the time between certain blue zone phases has been reduced.

The overall outcome of this is that the match duration reduced by 90 seconds in total in Vikendi.

Other than these changes there have been significant improvements on the User Interference regarding minimap and Flare Gun.

When a teammate is located outside of your minimap, an arrow will be displayed on your minimap showing their location at the edge. This is really helpful so that the teammates can accurately tell the direction where their teammates are without opening up the world map.

As far as the Flare Gun go, the update has changed the crosshair display. It now shows a circle showing the end location similar to when throwing a grenade.

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