Pubg Supply Pack Season 5


After the release of Season 5 on Pubg, a special supply pack has also been released. A currency particular to Pubg has been established to be used it the Pubg store. 

This new currency is called ‘ G-Coin ‘ and players can collect G-Coins by playing in all the maps and modes during Season 5. We will give you some information about what you can purchase with your G-Coins and what the mentioned supply pack includes.

You can collect G-Coins by both playing Pubg and purchasing the supply pack. The Supply pack contains 1,600 G-Coin along with some cosmetic items inside the create.

The create can be opened by using the customization menu and players can obtain the items mentioned.The Supply Pack is going to be available for PUBG only ( not for Pubg Mobile ). The price of the pack is ‘£8.39 for UK customers.

Since Pubg developers intended to provide equality for all players, no power-ups included in the Pubg Store. So this is bad news for those who like procuring dominance with the power of money over the rest of the players.

We prepared a list showing all the contents of Pubg Season 5 Supply Pack. Let’s take a look at those items :

The contents of Pubg Season 5 Supply Pack

  • 1,600 G-Coin
  • A Black Brimless Cap
  • A Black Leather Jumpsuit
  • Work Boots

Please don’t forget that you can also gather G-Coins just by PUBG too. You don’t have to purchase this supply pack for G-Coins unless you want the cosmetic items listed above.

The purchase price may differentiate for every country. For further information about new releases, please stick to our post or visit Pubg’s official website.

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