PUBG Season 4 Weapon Update


The fourth season of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is bringing in features and changes that nobody was expecting and these changes apply to the current weapon arsenal of the game. It almost looks like there is not a single weapon that hasn’t been affected by these changes. These weapons include everything from G36 to S686. 

Here are the major changes to the weapon stats in PUBG.

Weapon Buffs – Season 4

  • Long-distance effectiveness of SMGs has been increased. 
  • SMG damage multiplier has been slightly increased.
  • S12K damage per pellet base damage increased from 22 to 24
  • S1897 and S686 per pellet base damage increased from 24 to 26
  • Sawed-off per pellet base damage increased from 20 to 22.
  • Kar98k base damage increased from 75 to 79.

Weapon Nerfs – Season 4

  • AKM and Groza base damage reduced from 49 to 47.
  • Beryl M762 base damage reduced from 46 to 45.
  • M24 base damage reduced from 79 to 75.
  • M416, QBZ, SCAR-L, AUG, and G36C base damage reduced from 43 to 41. 

These are the current changes to weapon stats. Although the changes don’t seem to be major, it is expected to see a huge drop in the popularity of weapons like M24, QBZ, and SCAR-L. On the other hand now that Kar98k has the highest damage in sniper rifles aside from AWM, while no changes occurred to its availability, we might see more and more players equipping Kar98k whenever it is available. 

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