PUBG Season 4 Healing and Boosting


The newest season of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not just bringing in new content or visual upgrades to Erangel but bringing in a whole lot of gameplay changes where improvements are made to the game in general. One of these features is the Ledge Grab, which allows players to get to on top buildings quickly and move freely throughout the map and maintain the high ground. Although these sound cool, one of the most wanted feature, healing while moving is now allowed along with some other changes to overall healing and boosting. 

Heal and Boost Changes

  • Most importantly, as mentioned above, healing and boost items will not be used while moving but only limited to walking speed. 
  • First Aid Kits will no longer heal the additional damage taken after the healing starts
    • Before this big change, First Aid Kits would heal any additional damage received after being started to apply. 
  • Bandages will not be used automatically until the player who uses it reaches 75% health limit or until runs out of bandages. 
    • Previously, players had to use multiple bandages, manually.

Those who are familiar with other battle royale titles like Apex Legends would know that having the ability to move freely while healing or boosting allows players to get cover at a faster speed and therefore extend the duration of combat. Although this sounds good and exciting for the most part, we might see some changes revolving around this part of the gameplay. More updates may come in the future regarding healing and boosting, so stay tuned!

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