PUBG Mobile 90 FPS


Qualcomm, one of the leading manufacturers of parts to Android smartphones announced that their new Snapdragon 865 is going to support 90 FPS while playing PUBG Mobile. During the Qualcomm Tech Summit, there were even some demonstrations of this. So we’re really close and the flagship Android smartphones of 2020 are all going to feature it. 

On top of this, Qualcomm will bring support for 144Hz displays which is a huge leap forward for mobile gaming when you think about it. To make everything even, PUBG Mobile developers added support for 10-bit HDR which eventually make the visuals more sharp and clear. All of these features we’re going to see in 2020’s flagships are going to be a major upgrade from what we have this year to the next.

Since PUBG developers are working closely with Qualcomm in order to make their title better, we might get to see major updated on visuals and how the game is played next year. The Snapdragon 865 is already available but it is not powering many flagships at the moment. Its pros and cons are going to be more clear as the flagship phones are beginning to be released.

You can watch the Snapdragon’s full announcement from the video below. If you want to get to their announcement on 90FPS PUBG Mobile, just skip to 2:09:00.

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