Pubg FPS Boost


FPS(frame-per-second) is very important when it comes to experiencing a better performance and a overall a better quality of gaming. The methods where you can increase your performance of FPS may depend on your graphic cards mostly but if you are down to increase the current FPS you’re getting from the game we have some solutions listed down below that may help you out.

First off you may want to take a look at your graphic cards softwares options if your graphic cards is provided you with one. For example if you own a Nvidia graphics card, you can simply head over to the Nvidia control panel and from there you need to do these following steps. Manage 3d settings>program settings>PUBG(as an example) and change the following settings below;

Anti-aliasing mode- Off

Anti-aliasing setting- None

Anti-aliasing transparency- Off

Optimize for compute performance- On

Threaded optimization- On 

Triple buffering- Off

Vertical sync- Off

Shader cache- On

Power management mode- Maximum Performance

These changes in your control panel should be able to give you an at least 10+ FPS boost in most games such as PUBG, however though you have to make sure you installed the graphics cards latest driver on your computer. These changes wouldn’t help much if your driver is outdated.

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