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As of March 6th, 2019, the latest patch update for PUBG PC was on February 20th. This small patch update for PC contains some minor improvements in the game, some minor bug fixes, supportive options for Discord and Steam and brings us some new cool vehicles and also the return of the long-awaited Flare Gun. Let’s have a brief look into the recent patch updates and what it brings us.


The game developers added a new vehicle called Zima only exclusively for the fairly new Vikendi map. Obviously, Zima won’t have perfect control on Vikendi’s snowy grounds but compared to other vehicles we have on the map, it makes everything much easier. On the other hand, Zima is relatively slow compared to others but it has higher durability and that makes this vehicle perfect for combat situations.

Also, they added a snowbike aiming to replace the motorbikes in the Vikendi. It is a very fast vehicle for looting faster but it lacks a lot in durability making you a weak target.


Flare Gun was first introduced to us in an event-game mode. Since then developers were looking to find a way to add this little red cutie to the main game. This new Flare Gun comes along with some new changes as well.

Players are not able to fire the Flare Gun until after the first blue circle. This change was to keep the balance in check since it gives players a terrible head start in the game. Also there will be indicators on the map for other players to see if you or any other player calls in for a special care package. Making the battles around the care packages more intense and dangerous. However if you call for a UAZ outside of the safe zone, there will be no indicators showing that a Flare Gun has been used. Flare gun will be on each of the 4 maps but the spawn rate is going to be different.

To check all the updates from this patch click here

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