IEM(IntelExtremeMasters) is an elite global professional gaming tour organized by ESL with the sponsorship of Intel since 2006. So far there have been two events organized for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Just like most other tournaments there were 20 teams, 4 player per team and point system that awarded teams based on kills and finishing positions. The even took place in Oakland USA with $200.000 filling up the prize pool. 12 of the teams were invited and 8 of them were qualified to join from the regionals. The tournament took place in a normal squad match-up with first-person-perspective.

against All authority, a European team based in France took home the throphy while Tempo Storm and Ghost Gaming taking the second and third spot. The $200.000 prize pool was spread amongst top 8 teams. against All authority took home $60.000. At the second place Tempo storm took $45.000 and Ghost Gaming going home with $30.000.

Though there were lots of hype around 2017’s IEM event there was not much of participation in 2018. This time instead of 20 teams there were 16 and the prize pool was shrunken down to $50.000. That’s almost the amount of money last years winner awarded with. The event took place in Katowice, Poland at the International Conference Center. This time 9 of the teams were invited and the other 7 teams were coming from the regional qualifiers.

AVANGAR, a team based in Central Asia gotten the throphy along with $25.000. While Cloud 9 taking the second position and Noble Esports falling right behind them. 2018’s IEM events for PUBG didn’t have much participants but since this was a smaller event compared to ones such as Global Invitationals, ESL League, National PUBG League and so on, we will see many more bigger events in the near future to satisfy us.

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