Gamescom 2017 PUBG Invitational – Solo Main Event


Gamescom Invitational 2017 was the third official tournament/event in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds presented by ESL and Bluehole Studios. Influencers of the PUBG community, around some of the best 80 players and fans attended the Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany. The event took place in the variety of competitive modes in the games third official event. It started on August 23 to August 26 with around $350.000 filling up the prize pool. Tournament included gameplay modes such as Solo, DuoSquad and Duo FPP mode. After three matches of each mode, the best overall scores determined the winners.

To join the tournament in the Gamescom. Players who wanted the join the event had to create a team and get the approval of ESL jury. Players then could get the invitation and play.

Winners of the tournament were;

■ SOLO TPP  ► Evermore

■ DUO TPP    ► Suisse my Baguette

DUO FPP    ► SoildFPS

■ SQUAD TPP  ► Luminosity Gaming

The prize pool was distributed amongst the winners. Solo TPP winner Evermore earning $15.000, Duo TPP winners Suisse my Baguette earning $30.000Duo FPP winners Cloud 9 earning $30.000 and Squad winners Luminosity Gaming earning a total of $80.000 from the prize pool.

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