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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a big variety of weapons. There are shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMG’s, carbines and so on. Although best gun may depend on your playstyle and what kind of a weapon you’re comfortable with. We listed the top 5 best guns in our list below.


Vector is a submachine gun that has a very high damageper hit with it’s high firing speed. In early stages of the game Vector wasn’t so powerful but with the recent patches it got quite some balls to fire. A lot of people might not like the Vector because of it’s low magazine capacity. Without the extended mag. Vector only has 13 rounds, going up to 25 with the extended mag. I guess we can say Vector is an all-in or out type of weapon. It gets super deadly in the later stages of the game since it has a low recoil, fast firing speed and big impact on hit. Making Vector one of the most deadliest weapons in PUBG though it is not very popular amongst players.

4- G36C

This fairly new assault rifle has been out with Vikendi and not available in other maps yet. It uses 5.56 ammo with the similar 30/40 rounds per magazine like the most assault rifles. This new edition to the game is seeming to replace the M416 fans. Though it isn’t as strong as M416, it’s low recoil and easy control makes it a good weapon of choice. It’s similar stats with M416 makes this gun one of the best medium range AR’s even one of the best in longer ranges.


Before all Kar98 fans come at us with angry faces. Understand that currently M24 is better in every major stats than Kar98. I prefer Kar98 over M24 because I have more playtime with it. I’m more familiar with it’s control and understand it better but that doesn’t mean that Kar98 is better than M24. It has higher damage on hit and faster reloading time. From a statistical point of view M24 is the best common sniper rifle in the game right now.

2- AWM

Just like how M24 is better than Kar98 in every aspect, well.. AWM is better than M24 in every aspect considering the statistics. AWM has more power, speed and damage than both Kar98 and M24. Apparently it has more popularity as well. Bullet velocity you get with AWM makes it the easiest sniper rifle to play with. It can only be found in airdrops so whenever you get a chance to have it, we suggest you don’t miss it.

1- M416

Of course our number one on the list is no other than the reigning champ M416. It is the fastest 5.56mm assault rifle making it very good in close quarters but you can also use this weapon as a DMR or even a sniper! It definitely out-performs any assault rifle, even some SMG’s in close and DMR’s in longer ranges. It is one of the best if not the best weapon in the game.

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