PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s development began in early 2016 and it was announced later that year in June. Their aim in the development process was to make to game ready to play within a year. They reached their target and the game was finally is released on PC and Xbox One on March 23rd, 2017. Since it’s release it reached to an ever increasing fan-base and they made a big impact in the new genre of battle royale. For both PC and Xbox One players the game cost 30$. Though it’s at an average price some people actually find the price point somewhat affordable.

Xbox One users also seeming most of the downsides from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. There are still many bug fixes, performance issues and lags compared to other platforms such as PS4, PC. PUBG announced an update for the bug fixes and performance issues on February 15th last month saying that the developers were going to launch the resolving issues with the upcoming update in February 28th. Just a day before the update was going to be released, developers announced that because of the technical issues which also could result in game’s stability, developers had to push the update a week further.

Compared to PS4 and PS4 Pro, Xbox One X is running the game marginally better since it is better equipped and slightly a newer console. Considering the Xbox One X costs 100$ more than any PS4 Pro in the market, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds seeming to run just fine and at a similar rate on both devices.

To buy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, click the link down below;

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