Tier Protection PUBG


Tier Protection is possibly the most confusing addition that PUBG Mobile has ever gotten. It’s such a beneficial thing that could save you from having nightmares about your account.

It is basically a buffer where it protects you from being demoted to the lowest rank. Tier Protection comes in handy especially if you’re in the lowest sub-tier of your rank. Let’s say you’re Platinum 5 and your ranking points went below 1700 which is the lowest for Platinum 5. In any given scenario, you would be demoted to Gold 1 but thanks to Tier Protection, no such thing like that would happen.

The amount of time it protects you differ from rank to rank. For example, sub-tiers 4 to 1 the protection will be activated only once. Assuming you have the minimum points needed for let’s say Gold 3, once you lose a match, you won’t be demoted to Gold 4. But after that loss, you will be demoted to Gold 4. However, as mentioned above, it differs from rank to rank. Both Ace and Conquerer ranks have 3 buffers, so it isn’t just something beneficial for casual players but to those who want to play the game at the next level.

It can’t be purchased but you will be granted one after advancing in ranks. Although it may take a while at times, it will be enabled for your account once you hit a few win streaks.

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