The Noob Hunter in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a wave started by… well we don’t know who started it initially but the rumors are, a youtuber named Aculite started this incredibly challenging and funny wave. Lots of streamers and youtubers have tried this and this is not an easy task.┬áThe rules of the game is simple. Find a crossbow and try to kill as many people as you can while you get to the top. Before this wave noob hunting was originally made with using pans only but since there is no point of bringing a melee weapon to a gunfight people chose to do this instead with using crossbows.

Underestimation on crossbows are something big and real, though it delivers a big hit on impact. It has a 105 hit damage, it is higher than Kar98 and M24 sniper rifles. It is almost as strong as AWM which has a base of 120 hit damage. The biggest example of noob hunting as we mentioned earlier is Aculite. You can check his The Noob Hunter video below,

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