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Tencent Games also known as Tencent Holdings is a Chinese based company that owns some stakes in both Bluehole Studios and PUBG Corporation. Initially, when PUBG was released it was banned in China then Tencent Games saw the potential of the game and bought shares from both companies and it helped to release of the game in China. Since then PUBG is growing exponentially. Also, Tencent Games was the first one to come up with the idea of a mobile version of the game. Tencent asked for permission to make a mobile version of the game to the Bluehole and they agreed. So in a way without Tencent Games being involved we may never have gotten the mobile version of PUBG in our hands.

Tencent Games is not only limited by PUBG. It also owns some shares in Epic Games which is the developer of the Fortnite. In the past, Tencent Games played a big important role in a legal action where Bluehole Studios¬†filed a lawsuit against Epic Games for copying PUBG. It’s role as a peacekeeper made everything go easier to the extent where Bluehole has eventually dropped the lawsuit.

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