PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds also widely known as PUBG is a game published and developed by Bluehole Studios. After it’s release on Steam for PC, it reached very high player counts and got positive reviews from the critics for the most part. Although some people are not agreeing with its price points, which is at $29.99.

PUBG went on sale only once in its lifetime in June 2018 for $19.99¬†and hasn’t seen any sales since then. Valve, the company that operates and owns Steam never says specifically when they will be on sale. As for now, we don’t know when the next PUBG sale will happen if there will be any. There are some rumors that saying with the rise of APEX Legends which is a free-to-play battle royale, PUBG might go into a spring sale as many games prices drop in the season changes, particularly in spring.

Even though there are no major problems at the game right now with the bug fixes in XBOX version, there was a time in the summer of 2018 there were lots of cheating problems and performance issues PUBG’s developers had to overcome. Therefore even hardcore fans were getting frustrated with the game. Imagine how that must feel to an average player. Now with all those problems being gone, in our opinion PUBG is one of the rare games in the market that worths every penny of it right now.

You can get PUBG from the links down below;




iOS and Android

I likje this game’s looks and stuff. Trying to find out whre to down load it onto my PC. IS there some place I can do this?

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