PUBG vs Fortnite: A Legal Royale?


Battle royale genre is still considered new to the gaming as there are not many available options out there yet. Sure there is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite taking the lead in this genre but more and more games are coming in the near future. The newly released APEX Legends is one of them. It got many impressive first month numbers and we will see how it will affect the main leaders of battle royale. We are focusing on the main differences betweeen PUBG and Fortnite

Biggest differences betweeen PUBG and Fortnite is the graphics. While the PUBG adopts a more realistic looking path Fortnite feels like it just has been out of a cartoon movie. Of course everybody has it’s own preferences when it comes to graphics and the playstyle that comes along with it. We all know that most gamers like originality, well built design and realistic looks. This is where Fortnite fails to PUBG amongst gamers for the most part. PUBG’s realistic design on enviroment, weapons, characters and vehicles in the game makes lots of players turn into PUBG. Even the death animations are pretty realistic considering the characters movements.

While PUBG keeps a realistic look, you can’t say the same for as it adapts more of a funky cartoon-like design. What PUBG lacks that Fortnite has it’s incredible ”structure building” mechanism. When you want to survive in chaotic battles, Fortnite gives you chance to build structures to hide and get cover from the enemy. You can even climb mountains using these mechanics. Also traps that the game has gives players a chance to exercise a different type of cleverness in the competitive play.

There is no winner betweeen these two as it vary on the preferences of the gamers. If you want to get more of a military styled realistic vibe from a battle royale, PUBG is your option but if you prefer more of a chaotic playstyle where it’s portrayed in a funky universe that has many different type of weapons and mechanics then Fortnite is your go-to battle royale.

Though the most Fortnite and PUBG players are fine with eachother, the developers of PUBG wasn’t happy with Fortnite entering the battle royale scene at some point as the PUBG Corporation had filed a lawsuit against Epic Games(developer and publisher of Fortnite)in the past. Lawsuit was filed for copying Battlegrounds intellectual property against Epic Games in Korea. PUBG Corp. later announced that it was ”a measure to protect our copyrights” but PUBG Corp. dropped the lawsuit soon after it was filed.

Since both Fortnite and PUBG is partly owned by Tencent, no tensions between the two rised up.

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