PUBG vs APEX Legends vs Fortnite


Whenever someone mentions battle royale gaming, there are only two games that come into people’s mind. These were none other than PUBG and Fortnite but now we have a new player in the game. APEX Legends is a game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. Unlike PUBG it is a free-to-play battle royale just like Fortnite but with a more promising start. APEX Legends hit it’s first million players in 8 hours, 25 million in first week and 50 million in only 4 months. Comparing these numbers with others, APEX Legends is definitely ahaed of both games.

From a statistical stand point of view we can assure you that APEX Legends has more hype than Fortnite and PUBG combined right now. It took several months for Fortnite to reach 50 million downloads when compared with APEX Legends there is a big difference. It wouldn’t be fair to compare that number with PUBG since it is not a free-to-play game after all. But just to get an idea of that, it took around 6 months for PUBG to reach that number. Considering the $29.99 price point, PUBG might have gotten the most out of it.

As far as the game mechanics and graphics go, all three games have their differences. PUBG has more of a military styled-realistic vibe into it, Fortnite has funky cartoon-like graphics and APEX Legends contains a little sci-fi based Overwatch-like graphics. Each of these graphic setups play a big role in gamers choice. Gameplays of all the games are at a similar point. Though PUBG has more realistic math behind each mechanic. These are some cravings that many gamers want. On the other hand Fortnite and APEX Legends have more similar points on this matter as both games are not even close to being realistic compared to PUBG. It is still early to say that APEX Legends is the next big thing in battle royale genre but it’s safe to say that, PUBG and Fortnite should not underestimate the power of it.

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