PUBG Season 5


PUBG is growing at a faster rate than ever. Season 4 brought many major features like the visual update on Erangel. The devs are definitely at hard work and the nonstop grind is going to pay off with overall more additions to the game. The biggest rival of PUBG, Fortnite isn’t the only Battle Royale title that is going to have a new season this month.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 5 is set to be launched later this month, adding another visual update to the Miramar, the second map of the title. Although the current visuals of the 2017 debut would still top most of the titles in the genre, the developer PUBG Corporation is at hard work to bring even more.

Throwable Weapons and Items

The biggest debatable part of PUBG’s arsenal is the melee weapons. Sure Pans are extremely helpful but what about other ones like Machetes Crowbars? Most players don’t even dare to pick them up in the ground and this has been going on for years.

To combat the unlikeness of the melee weapons, PUBG will introduce throwable weapons in Season 5. From the Season 5 gameplay trailer above, you can see at 0:51 that a player is throwing an Axe to an enemy.

It is unknown whether there will be more throwable weapons like this but it would be a great start for PUBG to revolutionize the current state of melee weapons to expand the weapon arsenal.

PUBG Season 5 Release Date

The fifth season of PUBG is set to be released on October 23 for PC and October 29 for consoles. It is highly likely that it will reach the test servers a week before the 5.1 update hits live servers. Given that the test servers have been added to the consoles, Season 5 will be live on test servers right when the PC receives the next season.

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