PUBG Season 4 Ledge Grab


A brand new season of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has just hit live servers, bringing new features that are considered as revolutionary for the most part of the game. Among the biggest changes, the re-mastered Erangel is the one that caught the eye immediately. Since the map has been around for more than 2 years and only had minor changes, the entire map of Erangel has ben renewed. The renovations that have been made to the map is major as the whole overlay of the map changed entirely.

Other features include Ledge Grab which allows players to move freely.

Ledge Grab

Similar to vaulting, ledge grab will allow players to more mechanics, especially in maps like Vikendi and locations like Pochinki in Erangel. It basically works like this, you activate by either jumping or vaulting and then continue to press the space bar or press it while in mid-air, you head towards the target location. The timing is key in this since it may result in an accidental death.

You can see the short trailer for the feature that was made by PUBG Corp from the video above. It was expected to hit live servers on this day, July 24, with the seasonal update and here it is! Keep in mind that there will be another update coming to this specific feature. The developer message on the blog post clearly stated that everything is now up to the community to decide whether we will be seeing major changes to this feature or not. Currently going down from high buildings is in the works but it is expected to launch within a month.

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