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Latest PUBG update is bringing in a ping system similar to what Apex Legends has. Whether you call this imitating, copying, stealing, etc, it’s happening. Unlike Apex Legends, PUBG will bring in more conversational pings rather than tactical which already exists in the game and can be used on the world map. The next 30th update of PUBG will bring in pings that display,

  • Enemy Spotted
  • Negative
  • Sorry
  • Need Ammo
  • Need Backup
  • Need Med
  • Thank You
  • Affirmative

Now that it’s still a question if PUBG is legitimately stealing from Apex Legends, we saw multiple features that were copied by the game from Fortnite. Surely, PUBG is not the white sheep in here but this is the first time something inspired by another battle royale title is making its way to the game.

On the other hand, Fortnite already brought a ping system and Reboot Vans which are the exact copy of Respawn Beacons that Apex Legends first featured. It is safe to say that bringing a new set of communication method on top of all the existing pings that PUBG has is so much more innocent than copying an entirely new feature.

Stay tuned as we will update this post once more news on what update #30 brings in to the game.

Can we also get a ping and other things showing so player know what they are playing with you have this on pc why not Xbox and also fix your severs problem please

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