PUBG Infection Mode


PUBG Mobile Infection Mode is the newest addition to the different time modes that have been existed in the game. Ever since 2019, PUBG Mobile is implementing many game modes, Undoubtedly, infection mode has surpassed the Resident Evil event which brought in two different game modes. Although it seems like a carrier to Survive Till Dawn game mode, it is completely something new and more exciting in many aspects.

What makes this zombie-like mode different is that unlike battling against AI zombies, they are controlled by real players which adds up to the intensity of the gameplay. The game mode basically divides all players to Defenders and zombies. This division happens similar to matchmaking. At the start of each game, it is randomly selected whether you’ll be a zombie or Defender. As would what normal humans do, you gather up weapons, ammunition, and attachments to come face to face with zombies when playing as a Defender. However, this completely changes when you’re playing as a zombie. Instead of shooting up guns in the air, you can only use melee weapons and scratch the Defenders once you get close enough.

Once everything is added up, the matches turn into such fiesta, almost looking like a running circus. The chaos it brings is extremely fun and gives a great way to escape the competitiveness of ranked matches.

Exclusive Map

Infection mode comes with its own brand new map so it doesn’t take place in a few of the Points of Interests in Erangel like Survive Till Dawn which spices things up a little bit. The map mostly consists of tall buildings where human players can get the advantage of high ground and take down infected enemies without getting too close to them. After all, zombies deal way more damage than an M416!

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