PUBG Asia Invitational 2019


PUBG Asia Invitational was the first 2019 major official tournament organized by PUBG Corp. Asia’s 16 best teams competing with eachother while $500.000 filling up the prize pool over the 3 days in Macau. In the past invitational tournaments most teams were intived directly by the PUBG Corp. However this time all the teams were coming from the regional qualifiers.

The teams joined the tournament are from all over Asia. Top 4 teams fromChina, top 3 from Korea, top 4 from Southeast Asia, top 3 from Japan and top 2 from Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan making up the 16 team format. Point system which revealed the winner was very simple,

1st place: 8 points

2nd place: 4 points

3rd and 4th place: 2 points

5th16th place: 0 points

Each kill granting 1 points.

After 4 rounds a day, 12 rounds in total we got ourselves the winner and the rest. $500.000 prize pool spread amongst the winners.South Korean e-sports team Actoz Stars Red taking the first place along with the $250.000 prize money. OGN Entus Force another South Korean team but only focuses on PUBG got the second place and earned $100.000 in prize money. In the third and fourth place we had two Chinese teams, 17 Gaming and Luminous Stars getting $50.000 and $25.000 for their shares.

PUBG Asia Invitational was the second invitational event that took place in Asia and it was probably the biggest PUBG tournament we have ever seen in the history of competitive PUBG tournaments.

You can also check our posts on 2017’s and 2018’s main invitational events from the links down below,

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