PUBG has been released on PS4, XBOX, PC and Mobile devices so far. There hasn’t been any release on PS3 yet and it seems like there won’t be any since PS3 is getting super old compared to today’s gaming but we are in 2019 and there are many ways people can use different solutions to achieve the desired thing to do. So when you ask the question ”Can I play PUBG on my PS3?” we will give you the shorter answer, and the answer is NO. There is no way possible since PS3 is too weak to run such a large game like PUBG. 

Though you can’t run PUBG on your PS3. You can actually connect your PS3 controller to your mobile device to play the game on your mobile with the controller. There is a youtuber called ”WolverineChilling” and he was somehow able to connect his PS3 controller onto his mobile device and play the game using it. You can check out his amazing video below,

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