Oppo x PUBG Mobile India Series


The first ever PUBG Mobile tournament is taking place on March 10 in India. Top 20 squads from India are gathering in GMC Balayogi Stadium for a total prize pool of 1 crore Rupees(roughly $145.000). In the initial playoffs, there were 2000 squads and that number eventually shrunken down to 20. Squads who were able to carry themselves to the grand finale matched up in total of 5 matches during the event. Match format is down below,

1- Erangel TPP
2- Sanhok TPP
2- Erangel FPP
2- Sanhok FPP
2- Erangel TPP

After a very entertaining competition, the throphy was won by the team SOUL. While God’s Reign taking the second and Funky Money taking the third place. All three of the teams played well in 5 matches but Team SOUL performed an eye opening performance as it showed us what mobile gaming has evolved to. Even though PUBG Mobile has more than 80 million active players a day, it is no surprise that the first competitive tournament took place in India since it is the country that has the most active PUBG Mobile players.

Other than teams standings there were other prizes given to individuals such as,

Most Valuable Player(MVP) title was won by ”It’s KK” from the God’s Reign.

Rampage Freak(for most kills in a single match) title was won by ”Soul Ronak” from the Team SOUL

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