New PUBG Mobile in China!


Since Tencent Games which is a Chinese based company owns a stake of PUBG, things were easier for the game to be published in the Chinese market even though it was originally developed in South Korea. China banning video games isn’t something new and this happened to PUBG Mobile in the past for ”promoting incorrect values”. For the majority of the time, if a Chinese company coming up with a video game, the government would allow it but it didn’t show the same tolerance with PUBG, possibly because of its popularity. Now all of this is about to be changed.

Players in China have been offered a government-approved alternative instead. This sort of new PUBG Mobile removes some of the violence in the game and adds socialist themes to match what China wants. Tencent announced the closure on Weibo, a micro-blogging website. The company said players could download the state approved Force for Peace instead of PUBG Mobile. The game will feel and look the same except a few tweaks as we mentioned above. Gameplay, background, characters, weapons, supplies, etc. they are all the same but the themes we get every once in a while and the death animations are different.

Once Chinese players shoot someone, they will not see blood, they will see blue smoke coming out of them and wave and say goodbye after being killed. This is good news considering other countries that banned PUBG such as India. If this version of PUBG Mobile becomes successful, we might see it being offered to the Indian government as well.

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