With losing it’s streak on over 1 million daily players at all times for over a year, PUBG seems to losing it’s attention to other games like Black Ops 4 and new battle royale Apex Legends. There were a lot of people thought that PUBG would die out since there are many cheats/hacks involved in the game at the time as well as many bugs and performance issues that needed to be fixed. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds dedicated fans never gave up on the game and carried on playing.

If you hate PUBG and want it to be dead, well we got some bad news for you. PUBG is so far away from being dead right now. As of 2019 March player count on average is around 430.000. Which indicates that it has a robust community of players and still making it one of the biggest battle royale games in the market. Though PUBG haven’t seen much growth last year, it did pretty well by trying to keep it’s playerbase stable. Although PUBG’s player count have been constantly dropping little by little, it even seen growth recently in February with the launch of the new map Vikendi.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is far away from being a dead game and actually doing pretty well compared to most other online games in the market.

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