It’s release on 23rd of March in 2017. Player Unknown’s Battle Ground also shortly known as PUBG introduced us into a soon to be called a new genre of gaming battle royale. Its gameplay and graphics are somewhat similar to Arma 2’s DayZ. Even though DayZ is the actually first battle royale game that started this genre. Thanks to its wide popularity PUBG takes most of the credits for this.

As we mentioned it’s playstyle and gameplay quite a bit similar to games like Arma 2 and H1Z1. PUBG’s developers asked the question of what could be better and they got the short answer. What’s better than stuffing 100 players into a plane and let them skydive into an abandoned island with empty houses full of weapons to kill each other while there is an electromagnetic circle forcing the players to go into smaller areas. It’s shrinking map idea what makes PUBG so exciting.

You can find weapons, body armors, attachments for your weapons, helmets and so on. Although these items help a lot to help you win, it takes mostly skills and awareness in PUBG’s gameplay to win. With its very bright colors, amazing audio effects and the realism surrounding the gameplay, Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds is still a favorite among the gamers and get a lot of streamers attention. PUBG’s mobile version is also available on all major platforms and it hit 200 million downloads and an amazing 30 million active players in just eight months.

PUBG has a very large player base on all three major platforms such as PC, Xbox, and PS4. The recent player counts for PUBG fell down a bit though. Since the release of many other battle royales and many more to come on its way, PUBG’s popularity among gamers seems to be falling down a bit. Just recently about 6 months ago in September 2017, the player count fell down to under a million after hitting the million mark for almost for a year.

Of course, at the time Call of Duty Blackout beta launched on PS4 and many first-person-shooter gamers were expecting this thing to launch, it might have an impact on the player counts as the few more new FPS games were released by the end of 2017. As of  March 2018 PUBG hits around 450.000 average players. It’s still huge but compared to it’s past, it doesn’t seem to cut it.

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