Discord is a voiceover IP and messaging program, particularly used by gamers all around the world. Although it was originally designed and built for the gaming community, it’s capability on videochat, text and voicechat made everything easier for people who share similar interests. Discord users can create servers that can be for public or private use. These servers mostly focus on a single subject. Though it can be a mixture of anything that you want to invite people over and chat. Most servers tend to be for gaming, however with its easy use and availability on mobile and web browsers caught the attention of many people.

Discord’s wide use on the internet revealed some of the problems that it has. Many people criticized it for being vulnerable to attacks from hackers. For that reason platform security and the privacy of its users has been a long question. When we think about these questions we must think of how it was originally built. It was strictly for gamers though non-gamers used its perks and Discord wasn’t able to handle that many users in terms of security values at that time. Anybody can use Discord, it’s a free platform where people can connect to each other.

Discord is a fun app to enjoy conversations with friends while playing some videogames together. You can create servers and or join servers that already in existence to find buddies to play games with. To download Discord click the link down below;


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