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When it comes to team play in such games where you have to come up with a strategy, give responses quickly and having lots of fun while being competitive. Voicechat applications play a fatal role in these aspects of competitive play as it offers the fastest way to communicate with their teammates.

If you want to only chat with a small group of friends while playing videogames any type of voicechat app like Skype would get the job done. What Discord offers the most is servers where you can reach a community depending on the game you play and reach communities that have higher amounts of players. That being said if you play a lot of online PC games, you have to get familiar with Discord. You can get it on your mobile devices and run it on your browser as well, giving you easy access. You can also adjust an individuals microphone levels, giving you a lower latency overall.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have an official Discord server where you can interact with many people and have buddies to play with. You can click the link down below to be a member.

PUBG Discord Server

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