Deagle Eagle


PUBG Desert Eagle is the latest addition to the game that is currently on PC test servers. It’s been a while since a new weapon debuted in PUBG. Out of all the handguns in the game, R1895 has the highest damage output. That is about to be changed with the Deagle.

If you’re familiar with FPS games or guns in general, there is a high probability that you’ve heard about this pistol. Undoubtedly it deals one of the strongest damages not only in its class but in general. Deagle can deal 62 damage per shot which is something remarkable as even most AR’s deal half of that. The only downside to this weapon is its muzzle velocity and high recoil. This new addition to the game has 0.25 seconds between each shot meaning that it falls a bit on the slower side but compared to the second strongest pistol, R1895, which has 0.4 seconds between each shot. Deagle is going to be the strongest pistol that you will want to equip in your first match of PUBG after the update.

Here are the listed specs of Deagle that will be introduced to the game with update #30.

  • Hit Damage: 62
  • Bullet Speed: 450 m/s
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Ammo Type: .45 ACP
  • Magazine Size: 7
    • Extended Magazine Size 10
  • Attachment Points
    • Magazines
      • Extended Mag.
    • Lower Rail
      • Laser Sight
    • Sights
      • Red Dot Sight
      • Holographic Sight
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