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In February 9th PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile version was released on Android and iOS. PUBG Mobile wasn’t initially designed to what we have right now. After the announcement of a mobile version from Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation, first release of the mobile version was PUBG Exhilarating Battlefield, it was sort of a demo version of the current game and second release was PUBG Army Attack, which included more of an arcade type of battle royale where battles where taking place in warships. Both versions first launched in China and hit 75 million pre-registrations in total. Ranking first and second place in Chinese iOS charts.

Shortly after the initial releases, PUBG Exhilarating Battlefield localized as PUBG Mobile was launched worldwide in March 19th 2018.

Often times when people heard that there was now a full version of the PUBG in smartphones, people thought it wasn’t going to be well. That was mostly because there were not much enjoyable FPS shooting games available at the time. Tencent Games proved everybody wrong with giving out a free-to-play copy of the original version on mobile devices. Many XBOX users were angry towards Tencent because of the fact that developers took all that time to come up with a mobile version rather than fixing the XBOX version of the game.


PUBG Mobile is not a short version of the full version. It’s just like the PC version of the game. At first release, there was only the original map(Erangel), though it didn’t take much time for developers to add the second and third map. Whenever the game gets updated in the PC version, similar or even sometimes the same updates occur in the mobile version. Since it’s a multiplayer shooting game, touchscreens with buttons on it don’t have a great track record of playable gameplay. People often times fire off shots accidentally which alerts nearby enemies to your position. The mobile version of the game had some modifications to ease the gameplay. For instance, you will be able to pick a weapon from the ground automatically and when your character goes on the ammo which is used by your weapon, it will automatically pick it up. Same goes for health kits, painkillers, armors, helmets etc. These features make it more bearable to play a shooting game as complicated as PUBG more playable on mobile devices.

Overall PUBG Mobile is something great to have on smartphone screens. You can click the links down below to get the game on both Android and iOS devices.



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