To get the aimbots in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds we first need to know what aimbot is. Aimbots are softwares in first-person-shooter games to shoot an enemy target directly without having to aim your weapon. Because this help the player who uses aimbot to shoot more accuractely with no skill at all, it is considered cheating. Various programs embedded in games are able to block or detect players who use these type of softwares to gain an advantage over their enemies.

PUBG had a very big issue on hacks/cheats in the past. Updates followed more updates to detect and punish cheaters from the game. Eventually these measures helped a lot in the way of making a game that is free from any type of cheats/hacks. When we look at the current status of cheat use in-game, we can definitely say that it’s not much of a big issue on major platforms. Though the PUBG Mobile had seen a peak in this matter, we can surely say that developers will overcome this issue soon enough.

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